Acne Solutions


Acne treatment methods are very different. Especially acne treatments for spotty face structure are given in earlier article ‘Acne Treatment. While some acne problems only heal with cream, others heal with the natural treatment methods. You can find how to treat acne in this article.


Solution Recommendations for Acne


  1. Age should be considered as a priority condition for the solution of acne. In adolescence acne can be treated with medical methods. Acne creams recommend by doctors begins to show result within 3 months. They will dry out and cannot pop up again.
  2. If the acne continues to pop up after a certain age to take advantage of natural methods would be better. The most natural solution for acne is baking soda and water method. You can apply this mixture to your face every day. Acne will start to dry out soon.
  3. You need to pay attention the hygiene rules in order to get rid of acne. You need to get a face towel special for you instead of using common towel. Your skin is already vulnerable from many aspects. So, you should avoid some behavior that put it jeopardy.
  4. If the formation of acne is large and very inflamed, you may have a problem proceeding from internal diseases. It can do this by having examinations to check whether you have another disease. So, you can check whether you have another disease by having examinations.
  5. Natural mask made with apple cider vinegar and water is quite useful for acne. Apple cider vinegar has features such as drying out of acne. You should not use apple cider vinegar without mix with the water. You can also apply recipes in our ‘Acne Mask
  6. It is very dangerous to touch the face with the hands in the process of the formation of acne. Hands should be washed very well while caring the face. Microbes transmitted from hands caused spreading of acne.

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