After Hair Transplantation


After hair transplantation; The method preferred as medical by people living with alopecia problems, is a method of hair transplantation. In a short time, with this method has drawn the attention of the people and causing the most efficient results, hairlessness is not a problem. However, after the treatment process there are issues need to be very careful.

To the health of the scalp and not to the body’s DNA structure find strange new hair, you take many significant transactions.

What is hair transplantation? How to do? And for any information you worry, you can see the Hair Transplantation issues.

Things To Do After The Hair Transplantation

After-care of hair transplantation is extremely important. Because, you are literally performing organ transplants in your body. You apply yourself different DNA structure from a different region. Care factor is extremely important for the body not find strange this. Now let’s examine the details of the subject

  • After 48 hours of operation, you should wash your hair with special hair products regularly every day.
  • The region carried out hair transplantation, needs to be protected from the sun for 15 days.
  • After 15 days, you should do massage and exercise in a way that will not create trauma in your head.
  • You must apply comb as smooth as you possibly can to your existing hair.
  • Blow-dry will be harmful for a while. So, you should style your existing hair with natural methods.
  • Hair care is very important when you have new hair after transplantation. You must provide strengthening with hair care products recommended by experts.

In short, very important issues to be considered during the first 15 days are above. Also there are some issues that should not be done after hair transplantation. Let’s get an idea by examining these issues.

Don’ts After Hair Transplantation

If you want to take full advantage from the hair transplant and regain your lost hair, after hair transplantation you should take into account the warnings listed below.

  • After hair transplantation during 5 days sexual intercourse, stress, sports and alcohol should never be done.
  • Within the first 48 hours any care production or shampoo are not contacted with the scalp.
  • After hair transplantation you should be protected from sunlight and go out of with the hat.
  • Swim, so contact with salt water is strictly prohibited for 15 days.
  • After hair transplantation in 3 days should not be through any shock or trauma effect.
  • Styling products such as hair spray and gel should not be used during 15 days.
  • When the moisture situation is concerned in the area of hair transplantation, you can prevent this condition with a soft towel.

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