After Rhinoplasty Surgery


   Rhinoplasty: Deformed noses are quite demoralizing. People, who are not properly nose structure, make a fuss about themselves in their lives. Nose plastic surgery can be done to get rid of this problem.

Before Rhinoplasty

A person’s who want to have rhinoplasty nasal bone structures become deformed. They have a nose structure called as a roman nose. People who want to have rhinoplasty should discuss the form of surgery with all the details by getting an appointment from a nursing home. They should receive detail information by describing the shape of the nose structure which they want. Because, it is a sort of surgery. After the surgery for those who are not satisfied with the nose begin an irreversible process.

After the decision of the nose structure, the procedure can be performed with local anesthesia. To have a surgery with anesthesia is more preferable. Structures in the nose consist of bones and cartilage structures. During surgery the bones are fracture and added cartilage required place. Nose surgery is a risky process. Even if most of the time this surgery is not recommended, many people demand it in terms of aesthetic.

Rhinoplasty is never recommended to people in a very young age. Because, the character structure changes after a certain age. Not to regret, specialists can tell you repeatedly to think about it. Therefore, you should consider this aesthetic surgery nearly a year. Rhinoplasty that you will regret later makes you unhappy.

Things to Do After Rhinoplasty

You had a surgery. Now it is healing process. What will you do or do not in this process?

  1. The first week may be red-colored liquid come from the nostrils, do not panic.
  2. After nose surgery the process goes a little tough. Adverse reactions, such as bruises and swellings can be seen in some areas of the face. To resolve this, you must keep your head above.
  3. Because some patients have to spend a painful process, they may use medicines such as pain killers. If you feel good, you can go out.
  4. Do not apply ice to your face unless advised by doctors.
  5. If your doctor does not say opposite, you must take shower after 48 hours of surgery. Make sure that the water is not too hot. It should be warm or colder. Use soap and shampoo. There is no objection to nasal splint expose to water. After shower, you can dry your splint with a towel or hairdryer.
  6. While cleaning your nose, firstly wash your intranasal with spray given to you. Then apply cream to sutures with ear stick in a way that your doctors show you. Please do not clean bottom of your nose without your doctors tell you.
  7. To sneeze does not hurt nose. However, it can cause nosebleed. If you want to sneeze too much, tilt your head slightly forward closing your eyes and vigorously press your tongue to your palate. So you can hold back your sneeze in this way. Despite this sneezing feeling does not go out, sneeze your mouth.
  8. After surgery during 6-8 weeks, mucous, bloody and dry crust pieces may come from the nostrils. Do not something extra to clean them. As long as they come, continue to use your cream and spray. Before the bedtime, squeeze the cream both nostrils and inhale it strongly. When you get up in the morning, clean it well without squeezing blowing yours nose.
  9. 6-12 weeks after surgery, your sense of smell cannot be the same. It will automatically return to normal. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can make smell exercises with Turkish coffee 1-2 times in a day.
  10. Until 3-6 months it can be asymmetry in your nostril, numbness in the tip of the nose or excess skin where the removal of the nasal bones (back of the nose). Consult your doctors for required massage to these problems. Please give massages recommended by your doctors, not friends or relatives. If your doctor does not recommend massage, it means you do not need massage.
  11. The first 3 months from time to time after surgery can be seen some problems such as nasal congestion and breathing problems, dryness in the nose, swollen and numb the end of your nose when you get up in the morning. There is not anything about worry. These complaints will get better over time.
  12. Consult your doctor to use sunglasses or another pair of glasses at the earliest 3rd months. But that does not mean you can use them 3rd months.
  13. If your doctor does not tell you opposite, you can swim and sunbathe after 2nd week.
  14. Feel free to touch your nose. 3-6 weeks after surgery, acne may occur in your skin. Please clean them with soap and facial cleansing gel with proper pH. You cannot make squeezing style skincare first 3 months.
  15. Excessive sunlight, saunas, solarium operations are not recommended over the next 3 months. There is no objection to have a warm bath at any time.
  16. Avoid slogging to get your nose for 3 months.
  17. During the first 6 months of surgery, there will be changes in your nose shape and it returns a more natural nose. Especially in the early stages, do not affect your environment comments towards your nose.
  18. It is a big risk to change facial structure. The image that you will encounter may not be as you wish. After the rhinoplasty, do not panic when you see your nose first. You will have acquired the shape of nose as you desired in about a year.

After the surgery with settle in time of the nose structure, you have a completely different look. It may take a long time to get used to this. You perceive yourself as different one. If different image in the mirror meet your expectation, you can keep your social life happily and with more self-confidence.

Rhinoplasty Preferred Aesthetically

It can be preferred to remove nasal polyps. In these cases while remove nasal polyps, rhinoplasty can be done. Both in terms of health and image, you can enter into a major change at the same time.

No matter what the subject, rhinoplasty should be performed as a result of careful and meticulous work. Both doctor and patient must be very conscious.

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