Appetite Suppressant Teas


Appetite suppressant drinks consist of  variety of teas. By drinking appetite decreasing teas; you could keep up your shape better. Those teas provide a feeling of fullness while helping you to burn your extra fat. Body that needs energy uses its stocked fat mass instead of calories that it can’t take from foods. Appetite suppressant teas are considered as herbal weight loss medicine that helps you to get in shape in a short time.


Appetite Suppressant Teas

  1. Drinking lime-blossom tea in the morning on an empty stomach; and allows you to lose weight. But after drinking lime-blossom tea; you need to have breakfast . Being hungry for hours after drinking lime blossom tea could cause impairment of your health.
  1. Green tea is extremely good appetite suppressant. Drinking 10 minutes than before the meal; highly suppress your appetite . You can also add mint leaves. Also the mint plant has appetite suppressant effect.
  1. If you add the cinnamon stick to regular black tea losing weight will be easier. While drinking, you can finish the tea by cinnamon sticks placing your cup of tea.
  1. Cherry and lemon tea ease your weight loss. You should slice a lemon, than add to one kilograms of cherry. Then boil the mix in 1 liter of water. You can put mint leaves into this mix. After cools it you can drink whenever you want. But you should not consume too much.
  1. Apple tea is also extremely effective for losing weight. You can make apple tea by dividing a fresh apple into 4. After boiling with crusts; you must consume it when the tea is warm. You can add lemon when you are drinking. Excessive consumption could end up with high blood pressure. This is why during the day you need too consume this tea at sufficient amounts.

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