Beauty Secrets of Kate Moss


Kate Moss has beauty secrets that preparations are too easy. Kate Moss going down a bomb with her beauty is younger for her age. She is actually 39 years old.  She emphasize that she care about keeping high quality of life and also care yourself in every aspect. She said that she never set moisturizers back because of her dry and sensitive skin.

     Beauty Secrets of Kate Moss

  1. Kate Moss’s secret is that putting the ice cubes in water filled bowl and keeping her face on it as possible as she can. She said that the cold water renew and revive her skin in an instant. She applies this to her skin 3 times a week.  We do not need to say that she looks 10 years younger for her age. You should try this method at home. It will be difficult for women freezing in winter but if they say that my beauty is above all they have to put up with this.
  2. Kate Moss said that she slice cucumber inside this recipe once a week. We should not forget the moisturizing feature of cucumber.
  3. She said that she prefers lipsticks for her lips instead of moisturizing in daily makeup and she prefers natural shades in the daytime and likes red one in the evenings.
  4. She emphasizes that she applies smokey eyes makeup with brown eyeliner always and changes her nail polishes fashionably. She said that she just like everyone else for example; she never cares her hair.
  5. Her other daily cares are like everyone else. She said that she takes shower, brushes teeth and clean her skin. She thinks that her secret of beauty is a little innate.

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