Beauty Secrets


What is beauty? Beauty is to reveal a woman’s skin and facial structure in the most beautiful form. Women apply a lot of care productions to be beautiful. Sometime you need ingredients that you do not have. In these situation you can be mere beautiful by giving to ear practical hints.

                Beauty Secrets

   Beauty Secrets for Hair

Your hair is mop and you do not have time to go to hairdresser. In this situation, you should plait your hair and heat 10 minutes with blow-dryer. After waiting half an hour in this way, loose your plait hair.  You will see that you have great waves like go to hairdresser. Before plait your hair you should moisturize your hair.

   Beauty Secrets for Eyes

You have just eyeliner. You do not have any cosmetics except for that. What can you do with this eyeliner? You can draw on eyebrow.  After applying eyeliner under your eyes, you need to eye shadow but you do not have.  When you slightly wipe your eyes, eyeliner will be spread. You have both smoky eyes and also slightly eye shadow on your eyes. However, do not forget to clean eyeliner under your eyes.

   Foundation and Powder to be Beautiful

Women, do not have concealer, do not get into panic. We will provide your beauty by giving an appropriate concealer recipe for you. You will mix a little foundation, powder and cream and your concealer is ready.  The combination of foundation and powder will provide a perfect concealer effect.

   Applying Eye shadow Secret

You have a black eye shadow and you want to apply eyeliner.  You need a practical way because you do not have eyeliner. Break the black eye shadow in a cup and mash till it will be powder. Then add almond oil inside it. Your homemade eyeliner is ready. Now you can apply liquid eyeliner to your eyes with a brush.

   Skin and Hair Beauty Secrets

  1. For dry hair: You can tousle by taking 2 drop olive oil to your hand when your hair is moist. This procedure that does not apply hair roots will provide soft and moist hair.
  2. For strawberry marks: If women choose shades of yellow for concealers, it will conceal strawberry marks.
  3. For aquiline nose: You can conceal aquiline nose by applying dark shades of powder.


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