Benefits of the Mineral Water for Skin

Mineral water which is recommended to be consumed a bottle for every day has various benefits to our skin. You can both drink and also use it to prepare different masks and tonics. So in this article we argue that what are the benefits of mineral water and how is the application of it.

Mineral Water has an important role for repairment of skin and disposal of dead cells. It can be assumed as the only product to help about the occlusion of skin pores by harmful bacteria. Mineral Water enables to open these pores by cleaning the skin wens and black spots. You can use the mineral water an additional material for your daily skin care recipes. It helps cleaning the amassed dirt on your skin and by this way enables to airing your skin pores.

An efficient recipe that you can prepare is mixing the mineral water with soda. You can apply this mixture by massaging on your skin. But it is essential to care about the ingredient of mineral water and not to buy the ones which have carbone dioxide .

Benefits of mineral water are countless. Face care, acne and cellulite treatment, body firming are just some of them.  Moreover women use it to remove the make-up and make face-packs.

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