Body Care


Body as a whole must be maintained. Body care while being conscious and able to respond to the request of the body is very important.


  1. In people with dry skin is very prone to form wrinkles. The skin should be moisturized continuously. Some women in; hands constantly crack. The slightest body begins to dry in the sun and wind. That’s why you should take advantage of the sun cream.
  2. Observe the scalp health in body care. Some people produces scalp odor. Formed of very lubrication it must overcome this odor. For this, they need to lubricate the hair. The scalp; It is one of the tissues of the body. Every week requires servicing.
  3. Elbows and knees maintenance is also very important. They are protruding structure; need ongoing care. While pouch application during the shower, you need to pay more attention to these sections. In a particularly elbow portion; It can harden over time. So it should be administered by slow bladder. Shower cream after applying maintenance should be performed.
  4. Seen in back acne is normal. Back to the closed area is continuous; It can not afford air. Therefore, acne may occur. To further increase of acne; You should not take fat cream to the back. You must take special tonic for pimples on your back. After each bath is not difficult to perform this procedure.
  5. Basin area of ​​the body; It is an important place for women. To avoid cracks and cellulite; bath should be rubbed vigorously with the aid pouch while. Do not force too much when the pouch purse transaction that you make; It fixes your cellulite in a long time. Also, after the hot water, cold water immediately to keep; cellulite, it activates. Within a certain time, and begins to improve problem areas.
  6. Cracks and cellulite are not the same types of problems. Removing cracks is more difficult. That’s why you need to pay attention to the weight and nutritional refreshed. The only thing you need to do to avoid cracks; to not take rapid weight loss.

Body Treatment includes foot and hand care. Manicure and pedicure for feet to hands to is required. Yellowing and breakage are minimized. In addition, problems such as athlete’s foot is not observed strictly. Air space and maintenance carried out toenails; It looks very bright. Hand and foot peeling process applied to the home environment is suitable to do.

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