Breast Enlargement


Breasts are a symbol of femininity for women. Women suffering from their small breasts, can choose breast enlargement massage, breast enlargement exercise or breast aesthetic surgery.

 To enlarge breasts, if the age has advanced, cosmetic surgery is more appropriate. With aesthetics, the breasts enlarge and lifting. In some women the image of the breast is very bad. Breasts are saggy and shapeless. Especially after pregnancy and lactation process, the breasts begin to sag. With sagging of the breasts, their embonpoint is lost. Therefore breast aesthetics may be preferred. Breast enlargement surgery is the definitive solution.

   To enlarge breasts consuming food or beverages are very important. Some herbal drinks and foods are effective to enlarge breasts.

Herbal Breast Enlargement

It has been used herbs such as angelica sylvestris , saw palmetto, damiana, lion’s tail, lady’s thistle, dioscorea villosa for the natural breast enlargement . These herbs are effective in breast enhancement when used regularly.

Milk: Minerals and hormones in milk useful for breast contribute to breast growth in the long term.

Avocado: Take a ripe avocado. If it is not fully ripe, waited avocado wrapped in a newspaper between 2-4 days. Avocado will be ripe during this period. Peel off finely the ripe avocado. Mash the peeled avocado with a spoon or fork. You should eat the prepared mixture every second days.

Anamur banana: If anamur bananas eaten every day, it would be the effect of breast enlargement.

Fenugreek: The dishes and beverages made with fenugreek seeds and sprouts, causes swelling in the women breast area. The teas made by fenugreek that is including estrogen hormone provide saturating the body with estrogen hormones and enlargement on the chest region of the body.

Breast Enlargement With Exercises

By taking the dumbbell in stores that sold sports equipment you can follow the movement of breast enlargement. Take your dumbbells in both hands, stand parallel to the ground. Raise both hands up toward your chest in turn. Make 3 repetition from 10 times and repeat it 2-3 times in that day. The push-ups also causes enlargement and shaping of breasts. Working pectoral muscles during the push-ups provide beautiful shaped breasts. If you have difficult in doing push-ups in the first stage you should start with small numbers. Your biceps may not be suitable for this movement. You will see the difference so long as you keep up doing exercise.

  1. Lie back on the bench. Your feet may be straight or bent at the knee. Get your most comfortable position.
  2. Prepare the barbell by determining an appropriate weight. To take measures against possibility of injury start form low weights. If you have no previous experience, you can use alone barbell bar.
  3. Grasp the barbell bar in a way that your arms perpendicular to your body and your palms facing across. Note that it is important to position of your hands
  4. Slowly lift upward.
  5. Slowly lower down.


Younger women can apply to breast enlargement massage. Thus, breasts can be enlarged nearly a size. Women who want that their breasts come to desired shape and size should do breast massage regularly every day.

Breast aesthetics, which plays an important role in terms of the visual and aesthetic, is also important to wearing clothes for women. clothes stands more fashionable and attractive on plump and shaped breasts. In the small beasts women the clothes does not show itself. Women feel upset and ugly.

To enlarge breasts, commercially available medicine should not be bought. If each medicine is taken, poisoning cases may arise. Breast enlargement is just provided by aesthetics, exercises or massage. Slim women who want to have plump breasts will see the change in their breast size when they gain a few pounds. Generally,  the slim women’s breasts are small while buxom women’s are bosomy. You can make your breasts plump and firm by doing exercise.

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