Carbonate Mask for Skin Blemishes

Carbonate Mask for Skin Blemishes

Skin Blemishes are one of the most serious skin problems that can occur for many reasons. There are many causes of skin blemishes; negative effects of the sun, stains from the formation of acne, cosmetic products used, some laser applications, bad and unhealthy diet, alcohol and cigarette use and many others. There are many mask for skin blemishes. One of these masks is a carbonate mask. We share all the information you want to learn about the carbonate mask.

Carbonate Mask

Carbonate is a very beneficial material for the skin and does not contain any chemicals. The carbonate used in many skin products. And it has a solvent effect on the soils and dead cells on the skin. This feature opens the dark stains on the skin and erodes these stains, and helping the skin regain its old smooth and shiny appearance. You can use it with peace of mind by a completely natural product, carbonate mask.

How to make Carbonate mask?

Carbonate mask construction is very easy. The only thing you need half a spoon of carbonates and one spoon of water. Mix the carbonate and water until they come to a creamy consistency. And then apply the mixture on your skin. Keep this mask on your skin for about 3 minutes. And then clean your skin with plenty of water.

Lemon and carbonate stain remover mask

2 teaspoons of carbonate
2 tablespoon yogurt
4 drops of lemon juice
2 tea spoon olive oil

Mix all ingredients. Keep the mask out of your eye, and apply it to areas where the stains are concentrated. After waiting for 5 minutes in the mask, you can clean your skin with plenty of warm water. This mask has an effect that opens skin tone.

You will get a healthy skin look. You can use this mask for once a week.

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