Chapped Lips Solutions


Chapped lips occurred as a result of external factors and malpractices cause makeup looks bad. With a regular lip care dryness and cracking problems can be solved and you have more fleshy and attractive lips.

You can use natural methods to look well-groomed lips. You must apply herbal recipes religiously that can moisturize lips to prevent the formation of cracks.


Natural Cream Recipes for Chapped Lips:  Mix 1 egg yolk and some oat until it become creamy then apply your lips and wait 20 minute. You can wash your lips at the end of the time.

Peeling for Chapped Lips:  Mix 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 teaspoon olive oil and apply the peeling to your lips. This method which will eliminate the appearance of cracks will accelerate the blood flow.

Carrot for Chapped Lips: Grate 1 carrot and apply its pulp to your lips. After waiting 20 minutes in this way and you can clear it.  It can be applied regularly once a week.

Tomato Mask for Chapped Lips: Grape 1 tomato and add nearly 1 teaspoon honey into it. Then, mix them  You can temper to size of tomato. You can adjust the amount of honey to add according to size of tomato. Apply the mixture to your lips and wash off after 15 minute later. Following the process, your lips will shine in a healthy way.

Cucumber Mask for Chapped Lips: Grate the cucumber and mix with yogurt. Apply this mixture lip and around the lips. It provides a clear appearance to your lips.

Mask Recipes for Chapped Lips

  • 1 dessertspoon yogurt
  • 1 dessertspoon sesame oil

Mix with yogurt and sesame oil and apply to your lips. After applying the mixture, stretch can be occur in your lips. Sesame oil and yogurt, provide the removal of lip  from dead cells. You can apply this care once a week.

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