Cream For Stretch Marks


   Stretch marks create uncared skin by disrupting appearance of body. Stretch marks causing extremely distracting appearance especially occur in pregnancy. In some cases may also occur for reasons such as, environmental factors, irregular weight gain, and loss, wrong dressing and malnutrition. Treat the stretch marks with below creams and you can also use these creams for pregnancy stretch marks.

Natural Stretch Marks Treatment

  1. You should massage to your body by adding a teaspoon cocoa butter into any body cream that you use to prevent stretch marks. Thanks to the cocoa butter the stretch marks will be tiny.
  2. One of the creams used for stretch marks treatment is Bepanthen which is pharmacy product. This cream is good for many skin problems and it is also provides get rid of stretch marks. But it must be used for a long time.
  3. Baby oil which applied any parts of your body is also used for stretch marks treatment. Baby oil can be used on the dry skin. It is also known to be effective on stretch marks. You can apply baby oil to your stretch marks by giving massage after each bath.
  4. Apricot oil cream is one of the best creams for stretch marks treatment. Warm up by applying the apricot oil cream on the stretch marks. The goal is a little bit sweating. Stretch marks regions try to correct themselves absorbing the apricot oil cream.
  5. Stretch marks cream for pregnancy: Massage is done applying almond oil. You should go to bathroom in this way and rub with a coarse bath-glove. After 5 minute you must apply your moisturizing cream over the stretch marks. You will see that the stretch marks disappear in time.

Stretch marks never disappear completely. Their colors are faded as a result of the skin cares. However, they have slight image after as a result of regular use.

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