Diabetic Foot Care


Foot care has great importance for diabetic patients. Numbness is a matter of diabetic patients feet. And the correct foot care have to be applied.


  1. Diabetic foot care; Diabetic patients should wash their feet with a warm water every day. They should towel and check their toe-web. Control is very important to feet diseases . It should be prevented from disease progression. One of the most common foot problems in diabetes patients; is the ingrown toenail. The pain felt along with ingrown toenails; is not seen in diabetes. So clipping the nail is very important. Nails should be cut short way not oval.
  2. To ensure maintenance of the feet care, should be walked with socks. Due to any objects pricking to his feet will not suffer, you can cause permanent injuries and foot problems. The important thing is to protect feet against injury in a sterile environment.
  3. Diabetes patients’ shoes should not be tight and too thick. Feet can be closed in front and open in back. Before wear the shoes, should be checked  inside it. Always being care about the any kind of stone or nail pricking.
  4. Diabetic patients can not noticed when something happened to their feet. The reason is lost of vein functions. Feet of diabetic patients don’t feel nothing.  Even the diseases that occur on the feet may not been realized. Some of these diseases; athlete’s foot, scleronychia and various skin diseases. These diseases can be realized too late because they do not make pain or itch. So the feet always should be get under control.

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