Dry Hair Care

Dry Hair Care

Dry hair form is more sensitive than the other hair forms.Thats why,it needs more attention. Your natural hair form might be dry or the wrong implements you do may cause to be dry. You can get rid of that problem by using natural methods from now on.

How To Do Dry Hair Care ?

  • To make your hair look bright and wet,you should always choose the right shampoo for dry hair.
  • You should use hair conditioners that causes intense wetness after using shampoo.
  • You shouldn’t brush your hair many times a day. You should brush your hair once a day.
  • Dying your hair in light colors cause losing your dry hair. Therefore,you should dye your hair in midtones.
  • Hair serums are one of the major saviors of dry hair. They should be used on the hair without being rinsed out with their vegetable fallow form.

Care For Dry Hair

  • 4 dessert spoons of honey
  • 8 dessert spoons of olive oil

Mix the honey and olive oil in a bowl and then,put it into a jar and close the lid.Wait about 48 hours.Apply it on your hair by massaging. Wear a bonnet and wait about 20 minutes.Wash your hair using the shampoo and rinse with warm water. You will have a bright and live hair if you do this once a week.

Natural Care For Dry Hair

  • 1 tea spoon of black cumin oil
  • 1 dessert spoon of olive oil
  • 2 dessert spoons of argan oil

Mix the oils on the list on a plate and apply to your hair. After waiting for one hour,clean your hair with warm water. Wash your hair using a moisturizing shampoo and rinse. You will have a smoother hair if you do this every week.


Mask For Dry Hair

  • 1 soup spoon of honey
  • 3 soup spoons of olive oil
  • 3 bulbs of bepanthane
  • 3 soup spoons of avokado oil
  • Yellow part of an egg
  • 2 soup spoons of walnut oil

Mix the materials on the list and apply to your hair bottoms. Clear with warm water after waiting for 30 minutes. While rinsing your hair, add 1 soup spoon of vinegar to your rinsing water. It will give wetness to your hair if you do this once a week


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