Fake a Nose Job with Makeup

Fake a Nose Job with Makeup

Nose Makeup; Women that complaining about their nose, try to reshape it with makeup.  Especially, professional people are quietly successful about this.

  1. Make nose smaller with makeup; Women who complaining about their big noses should apply dark foundation on wide parts of nose. If you have a long shape of nose, you should apply a dark concealer to your tip of nose. İf the nose is wide, shading process is applied to  between and around the nostrils. Thus nose looks smaller.
  2. Make nose bigger with makeup; You should color to tip of nose with a light foundation. Tip of nose should be lighten with a light concealer. Thus nose looks bigger.
  3. Shape a crooked nose with makeup; Apply a straight highlight down the bridge of your nose and shadow the sides. If there is a bend you can feel free to highlight the area opposite the bend as well.
  4. After reshape your nose with makeup, you should apply powder. It will stabilize makeup.
  5. If people that complaining about their nose shape have also breath problem, they should prefer surgery. Otherwise, surgery will be the last solution.
  6. If the crookedness is too much, you should receive help from a professional makeup artists.
  7. If you have a aquiline nose, you should apply a dark concealer on it and spread with a brush.


Attention; Dark concealers provide hide some place and light ones are show up. You can make nose makeup as you wished as long as you know these tricks. You should makeup with special brushes to get more natural appearance.

Most of celebrities reshape their nose with makeup. Even they do not prefer surgery. You also reshape your nose with these applications.

Nose contour can be applied every women. Women that love makeup should know these makeup techniques. Everybody do not have a well shaped nose. The secret of a become more beautiful is not a well shaped nose. People who know makeup can be more beautiful.

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