Fattening Mistakes

Most of the time, you may notice that you gain weight while trying to lose weight. In such cases you might think  that, why am I putting on weight? Improper diet and unhealthy eating habits plays an important role on your weight gaining.

Fattening Mistakes

  1. Why are you gaining weight? Eating too fast, keeping your bites bigger, chewing poorly and holding spoons and forks all the time during meal are the reasons of  your weight gain. You must change your eating habits even it is difficult. At the beginning of meals you need to condition yourself to eat small bites and to eat slowly will ease digesting and will be more effective for losing weight easier. Diet experts said that you should chew your bites with more. Chewing ore and reducing the sizes of your bites will decrease your need to lie down after a meal by not giving you a sense of weight. Be sure to get up from table when you feel full. It should be noted that the non-chewed food makes stomach expansion inevitable.
  1. Another diet method that is wrong, is eating in front of the television or computer and having newspaper in your hand while eating. You must get rid of the habit of eating in front of TV and computer.
  1. Skipping meals; Eat your meals on a regular basis without skipping any. Frequent small portions will accelerate your metabolism. Do not forget that if you ignore your hunger, what you eat will turn into fat. After eating dinner at least remain open even after the body and the results will take turns every vitamin oil. The body is a form of self-preservation to take this. Will remain open because it will be fed again here.
  1. Stress, menstrual period, with sorrow and distressed situations, could increase your feeling of hunger and you may also make you run to refrigerator. Try to solve this crisis by eating fruits.
  1. Meal order; try to eat measured, frequently and less.
  1. Improper meal times makes you gain weight; In the evening if you eat at 6 and awake until 2 o’clock your body will naturally want something to eat. Perhaps this is the biggest mistake you made. If you want to consume food until you sleep, even this is fruit, it will come back to you as weight. Because you are closer to bedtime and less active. Explanation made by experts is eating as a habit even if you are not hungry. This habit can beaten in a week.
  2. Without drinking body does not function properly. For example; weakness and tiredness, cold feet and hands, depression, dizziness, constipation, back pain, diabetes food cravings, increased cramps, migraine headaches, irritability and constant nervousness… People whom do not drink water for a long time are predisposed to obesity also likely to have cancer and heart disease.
  3. Junk food that you don’t care about, makes you gain weight more than you think. Never eat junk food before lunch as a snack. It will make you gain more weight.

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