Foot Care Products

Foot Care Products

People use lots of different products so that their feet can be healthier. Foot care products are produced according to the type of foot problems. For instance; the cream avoiding the foot odour and protecting the foot are different from each other.

Foot Care Products

The creams avoiding the foot odour; You should wear your socks after applying such kind of creams. Then you can continue to do whatever you’re doing in your daily life. There are also other types of creams that you apply only at night. You can get rid of the foot odour by applying such kind of creams at night before sleeping.

Pedicure sets are specially designed (some of these products are the products of Tarko, Demert, Herbaderm, Kalyon). They consist of the materials which are good for your feet and toe nails. You can apply the pedicure by using these materials

Foot protecting products (the products of Laika) are also one of the foot care products. These products protect your feet against foot tapping and pressure. You can apply the foot protecting products on the areas of your shoes that you complain about. As a result, your feet don’t get hurt and will get rid of the pressure.

For the stretch marks on the feet, there’re special oily creams (such as Herbaderm, Milk shake,Natura Therapy,Bebak). They’re really effective on the toe and recover the stretch marks very quickly.

There are also sprays (for example; Depilissima) for the foot odour. When you have to wear your shoes without socks, you can use them. You can use them on your feet or shoes. These sprays will make your feet smell good.

For callosity (babyfoot, oksimer, pedegg) ; there are callosity bandages and they help you get rid of callosity.

Your products must be sterilized. Especially the ones who have foot odour problems should be very careful. The foot odour can mean ‘‘tinea pedis’’.

Important: If the foot care products don’t solve your foot problems, this means that you have serious foot problems. In that case, you should see a doctor.

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