Formulas for Making Your Hair Grow Fast

One of the symbols of beauty, the hair, grows faster and looks more lively when you take care of it regularly. Hair loss and limp hair are the main troubles for women. Yet, you can use some natural formulas for making your hair grow faster and avoiding splitting.

Hair Growing Formula With Carrot

  • 1 egg
  • 3 glasses of water
  • 2 carrots

Put the carrots into the boiling water and keep boiling them for half an hour. After then, take the carrots out and wait for the carrots to get cold. Break 1 egg to the water and mix it. Apply the mixture on your hair. Then, cover your hair with the help of stretch film and wait for an hour. At the end of an hour you can wash your hair with shampoo. You can apply this mask once a week.

Hair Growing Formula With Radish

  • 1 egg
  • 4 glasses of water
  • 1 black radish

Boil the water and add the grated black radish into boiling water. After boiling for half an hour, drain it and wait until it gets cold. Add the egg into the water and prepare the mask. Apply the mask on your hair and cover your hair with stretch film. After waiting for an hour you can wash your hair with shampoo.  You can apply this mask twice a week.

Formulas for Making Your Hair Grow Fast

You can use almond oil in order to make your hair grow faster and be more lively. It will be better for you to apply almond oil once a week (it should stay for half an hour) on your hair roots. In order to heal the  splitting on your hair you can also use almond oil and make it stay for half an hour.

You can also try egg and olive oil. You should mix 1 tea cup of olive oil and 1 egg. Apply it on your hair root and wait for half an hour. Then your hair will grow faster and look more lively.




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