Hair Colors For White Skinned


Hair colors for white-skinned: White skin is quite remarkable and a desired skin color among women. At the same time most of the hair color, befit with white skin. White-skinned women, pretty lucky about hair color. Here is the most befitting hair colors to white-skinned women.


  1. One of the most befitting hair colors to white skin are yellow and gold tones. You can use yellow as long as you do proper eye makeup. Blond hair and white skin compatibility ensures a perfect fit with colored eye.
  2. Medium and fair brown shades give a soft expression on your face. One of the most looking natural colors in white-skinned are brown shades. Brown tones that giving brightness to the skin and lightening your faces are medium brown tones.
  3. Deep brown and dark maroon add white-skinned women an attractive and feminine style. For white-skinned people to reach the dark is very easy due to they usually have brown hair. With a single dyeing process you can make yourself more attractive.
  4. Women who prefer black hair, are certainly the most remarkable women of the media. White skin and black hair harmony, belonging to the Gothic fashion, reinforced with hairstyle. If applied to the hair bangs cut in front, you can wrap yourself in gothic with a dark makeup.
  5. Red shades are one of the most befitting color to white-skinned women. Especially, it is more appropriate for women who have blue and green eyes. Women who have speckled skin make go with red colors and colored-eyes to yourself. You can catch the red hair and white skin harmony with applying shades of damson to your green eyes.
  6. Honey bubble and copper tones began to take place between the choice of white-skinned women. Most of the women who have green eyes, is aimed to reveal the features and eye color by using copper colors. With a proper makeup, you can use the color of copper, caramel and honey bubble.

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