Hair Growing Methods for Men

Lately, men interest in hair care like women. Hair growing which has become popular can be hard
for sometimes. Previously given hair growing methods can be applied for both women and men. But
the methods given below can be only applied by men.

What are the Hair Growing Methods for Men?

Hair Growing by Garlic

Specialists tell that long awaited garlic has harmful effects for hair. On the other hand garlic which
awaited less than 2 hours feeds and grows hair.

  • 4-5 clove of garlic

Preparation: Crush the garlics in a mortar. And massage to your hair roots with these crushed garlic
until you feel warmth. Wait half an hour with garlic on your hair and then wash your hair with a
natural shampoo. Apply this cure once in two days and do not exceed the durations above.
Particularly if you apply this method at night and wash your hair you do not feel any obnoxious odour
next day.

Hair Growing by Almond Oil

In several websites it is told to use the almond oil by mixing with the shampoo. But do not fall into
this error. Shampoos contain chemicals. And when you put the almond oil into these chemical
products you can’t have any benefit of the oil.

  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil

Preparation: Mix the almond oil and olive oil equally and warm up them on the furnace. Use your
finger tips (never by your nails) to massage. Wait for half an hour and then wash your hair with a
natural shampoo.

Hair Growing by Lavender

  • Water (3 glasses)
  • Lavender (1 pinch)

Preparation: Boil the water and put the lavender in it. Wait for 20 minutes to be brewed. Afterwards
filter this mixture and use it to massage to your hair roots. Wait for half an hour and then wash your
hair with a natural shampoo. Apply this method twice a week to reap the benefit of it.

Hair Growing by Thyme

  • 80 gr thyme
  • 1 liter water

Boil the water with thyme for 5 minutes. Filter the mixture and wait for becoming tepid. Apply it to
your hair roots. Wait for 30 minutes with this mixture on your hair. This mixture will especially
freshen the hair of brown hair men. The men who wants to grow their hair can apply this method
once a week.

Hair Growing Suggestions for Men

Wash your hair frequently. Repeat this every day if it is not cold. Frequently washed hair will grow
You can grow your hair by almond oil method.
Just like women, also for men frequently getting hair cut helps to growing hair.
Get a wooden comb and comb your hair with it. Men should care their hair routinely to avoid from
Avoid using hair gel. If you use it do not neglect to wash your hair and clean it at the end of the day.

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