Hair Loss in Women


Hair loss; The most important feature of the hair is keratin which is holding strong and stiff strong the hair. Hair roots on the hair varies between 80 thousand and 120 thousand.  This rate is less in the redhead and higher in the blonde.

Hair also live and get into different periods. These are active period, half time and rest periods.

  Hair is grow in the same structure simultaneously. If your hair shows difference between the strand while growing, it means that there is a problem. Hair does not grow continuously, when its growth stopped do not think  its weak, it means that it is get into half time period. If the growth is still inactive after 2-4 months later, you should better go to a specialist. You need to learn, which vitamin deficiency is caused.

Not all of the hair get into the rest period. While some hair resting some hair is active. After the period of rest, instead  your lifeless hair fall out, your new live hair covers your hair. Baldness in women is not a very common effect.


Traumatic causes: Accidents, high fever, medication and surgery are factors in the cause of hair loss.

Menopause:  It is periods of women. Hair loss begins after menopause. After fifty years, it is seen reduction and thinning in the hair of women

Hormone balance: As in men, hair loss and thinning seen in the forehead of women. When faced with this problem, you must make hormone testing and you are treated under medical supervision. After hormone treatment, the hair starts to grow and get stronger again in the forehead and temple area. In patients with thyroid problems also occur hair problems. Hair becomes weak and breaks quickly . It is the effect of hormones in menopause and childbirth.

   Childbirth: In the women who gave birth, hair is shed, it is normal. However,  hair loss stops 8 months later from the birth. The hair of women who have given birth, would differences. Some color of hair becomes lighten or darker, some wavy hair turn into straight or vice versa.

Stress: Stress is the forefront of the disease which attacks the body. Sudden changes in neurological and psychological cause hair loss. In these cases, if you have mental health problems it is the right choice to use sedatives and tranquillizers, of course under the control of doctors. Stress causes turning gray at the roots of hair. Ladies playing with their hair very often causes unintentionally split of hair.

Nutrition problems: Nutrition is very effective in women who diet. Women who diet need to put some vitamins in the diet-menu such as zinc, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C and copper. In women who have anemia and anemia problems hair loss is inevitable. Therefore, in the medical treatment you should prevent this problem.

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