Solution For Hand And Foot Sweating


Hand and foot sweating:  Personal disorders, fear, anger and sadness can lead to excessive-sweating for some people. This case, especially more common in woman, can reveal terrible situations. In summers, this situation increases. Although common, though the treatment process of the hand and foot sweating, in some cases the solutions of hand sweating can be different  from the solutions of foot sweating .

Herbal solution for hand and foot sweating

  • 1 table spoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tea spoon sea salt

Apple cider vinegar and sea salt are mixed in a small bowl. Then the mixture is applied to hands and feet and wait for 5 minute. if you apply this treatment every day for a week, you will experience a decrease in sweating.

   Care for foot sweating

  • Water ( 1 glass )
  • Ground ginger ( 2 table spoon )
  • Powder ( 1 coffee cup )
  • Linden ( 1 coffee cup )

Mix the all ingredients and apply your feet, then wear a cotton socks. It is also good for swelling foot. You can apply once a week.

Suggestions for foot sweating

  1. As a solution for hand sweating. If you poured your palm one tea spoon baking soda when you wash your hands, you will see a period of decreased sweating.
  2. Another treatment for hand and food sweating is lemon. lemon is so useful. if  the lemon is applied on sweating place,  the sweating will be decrease.
  3. Except for these natural ways, to drink sage tea is good for hand and foot sweating. Sage tea has a disinfectant feature. The germs consisted on hands, feet and armpits leave the body with sage tea.

Reasons and Treatments of Hand and Foot Sweating

  1. Sweating is more frequent in women who has overweight problems and menopause. Because of the change of hormones, women are always sweat in period of menopause. This situation is getting over by walking, live a regular life and spend a comfortable life.
  2. Foot sweating is a really nightmare rather than hand sweating. The feet, always sweating in the socks, lead to a lot of problems. Feet never heat and always cold. The probability of fungus on the feet is quietly high. The amount of moisture consist of sweat causes fungus between the fingers. It is easy catch disease because of the cold feet.
  3. In order to avoid feet sweating should be given weight. In case originated with excitement should be tried to refresh by relax thinking. In cases arising from the thyroid gland, necessary medications should be taken. This situation, often seen in women, cannot be  inhibited from materials such as deodorant. To spray deodorant cannot prevent the sweating. It ensures odor elimination. Especially feet began to stink after a while in an extreme way. If the feet kept in a salt water consecutive three days, some improvement can be achieved. If you make the correct hand and foot care you can get rid of this disease that bothers you.
  4. If you do what is done but still sweating is going on, it should be suspected in internal medicine. People that the thyroid is quite high are sweating too much. This case, especially more common in women; passed by processes such as Botox. Botox should still be the preferred as a last solution

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