Hand Peeling

Hand Peeling

 Hands get frazzled by the time. Our hands are the most frazzleing parts of our body while we’re outside or at home. Water, soap and germs are in a relation with our hands. Hands get frazzled when you use them too much and you should take care of your hands to counter this. You can use the recipes we give.


Lotion For Hand Peeling

  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 1 tea spoon of salt
  • 1 tea spoon of vinegar

Squeeze a lemon into a bowl. Add the salt and vinegar. Rub your hands for a while. After rubbing your hands, wash them. You can see your hands are softer. You can apply a cream to your hands after using that peeling to protect that softness for a while.


Hand Peeling Lotion

  • Half tea spoon of olive oil
  • 1 soup spoon of sugar

Mix the materials. Start rubbing your hands after applying the mixture. The blocked cells on your hands get opened by the effect of the sugar. Hands get softer because of the olive oil. Also,sugar affects cells. You can add some milk to that mixture if you like. Milk makes your hands repaired.


 Things You Should Know About Hand Peeling

  • Women who needs hand peeling have problems on some parts of their hands. Hand peeling isn’t proposed to young women. Young women can have soft and cared hands by using creams. But you can use peeling if you have callus and skin thinning. Thats available for women older than 50 years. Hand skin is weaker and more flexible.
  • Hands betray the age of the people. You can guess the age of somebody by looking into the staleness of their hands. Vessels get more specifically for the people who has got skin thinning. The skin loses its softness and hangs. There isn’t a way to make that skin better. But, it can look a little bit better by using hand peeling. Applying the peeling regularly is necessary.
  • Some women appy hand peeling after manicure. Cleaning the dead skin before applying the peeling will cause good results. Applying peeling on dead skin doesn’t affect well. Manicure,peeling and lacquer causes brilliant results. Peeling makes your hands softer and manicure causes cared nails.
  • Hand care always affects when you apply it using right materials. You should clean the lacquers before applying peeling to your hands. Peeling also affects to the nails. There mustn’t be anything on your nails to take care of your hands completely

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