Herbal Solution for Sweating

Sweating is a result of human metabolism.  Sweating makes the skin moisturised and stabilizes the body temperature. Sweating also affects the urinary system. The number of sweat glands that adults have is between 2 and 5 millions. 3 millions of those sweat glands produce odourless liquid. Sweat glands which produce odorous sweat are especially located on arm-pit and genital area.

Herbal Solutions for Sweating

  • 4-5 grams of fennel
  • 1 glass of chlorine-free water

Boil 4 or 5 grams of fennel in chlorine-free water for 4-5 minutes. Then drink it while it is fresh enough. As a result sweating will decimate. You should drink the mixture 3 times a week.

Natural Solution for Sweating

  • Honey
  • Cider Vinegar or vinegar of grapes

Mix 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of cider vinegar or vinegar of grapes in warm water. Especially when you drink this mixture in the morning and in the evening, over-sweating on the hand and foot will end.

Cinnamon Cure for The Smell of Sweat

It’s prepared as the cinnamon tea. If you drink one cup a day, it will decrease the density of the smell.


Herbal Solution for Summer Sweat

Clary cure is applied for approximately 1 week. When you drink it 3 times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening), summer sweat will disappear.



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