How to Curl Hair with Tongs?


Curling tongs; Natural structure of the hair does not appeal to many women. So they dress to hair using hair styling products. One of these ways is to curling hair.

How To Curl Hair With Tongs?

  1. When you curling hair with tongs, it should be applied to clean hair. The shape is more permanent in clean hair. Before curling hair with tongs, hair should be washed in a nice way. Later, with the help of mousse, each tuft must be fixed. The latest, passing the curling process, the hair must be shaped.
  2. If your hair is not clean before the use of curling hair, hair’s curliness mess up in the next day or same day. For a more permanent hair; this process should be started after the applying of a styling product.

How To Curl Hair With Heatable Curler?

Some ladies, instead of curling their hair with tongs, they try to make wavy wrapping with curler. This is also the healthiest. But the deal is a bit more difficult than others. Hair can be gained same form with curler.

Heatable hair curler applied as follows: curlers waited for 10 minutes in boiling water. After leaving tufts of hair, they wrapped hair. You must act carefully in the hair wrapping process. Tuft of hair should be parted properly and the same thickness. Thus, the result will be more healthy. The effect given by the curling iron can easily take from these rollers.

How To Curl Hair With Cloth?

  1. Hair curling process causes wear in the long term. Hair looks is very nice, but the wear is inevitable. Therefore, a process that will create impact of hair curlers and not include heat must be performed. One of them is applied at home with some rags.
  2. You should cut fabric in 3cm of width that you can tie easily. Approximately 20 pieces of fabric are prepared in this way. Then, likewise switched to winding process by shaping hair. In the middle of the fabric, tuft of hair wrapped inwards. Two ends of the fabric are interconnected. In this way each tuft is wrapped quickly . They need to be stand for a long time in the hair. Otherwise you cannot get the same results. When you stand in this way about 6 hours, you can remove the fabric pieces in hair.
  3. At the first blush, hair can be much curly. But this situation is temporary. Over time, this curliness will be straighten. You can reach the desired curly hair in a short time in this way. The best part of this method is not wear your hair. Because it does not contain any heat.

Made mistake while curling hair with tongs: One of the mistakes made by the women is use the curling tongs to dry hair. When tongs applied to dry hair, hair is dry thoroughly. One of the biggest reasons for wear hair is the curling tongs practice applied to dry hair. Hair should be moistened before curling tongs practice.

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