How to Perm Eyelash?


Women who want the plump and longer eyelashes,  plump their eyelashes using mascara. But mascara is not permanent. In order to make this situation permanent other methods can be used. One of these methods is eyelash perm.

The women who want to perm eyelash, should go to beauty salon. If you want to apply at home, you should be careful. After the process applied at a beauty salon ,your eyelashes becomes desired level. Special curler are used for eyelash perm. The logic behind this perm is like as perm applied to hair.

Eyelash Perm Process

  1. Eyelashes are wrapped with specially prepared curlers.
  2. Substances that keep constant the eyelashes at the end of this procedure are used. After this substance applied to eyelash, you can move on to the winding process.
  3. Eyelash perm process takes about half an hour. After eyelashes carefully wrapped, the heat is supplied. The aim is regulate the eyelashes.
  4. The eyelashes keep waiting in this way for a while.
  5. For not to get in any substance to the eye, it must be done very carefully.
  6. Make up is applied sensitively to prevent loss of eyelash.

How Long Does An Eyelash Perm Last?

   The effect of eyelash perm lasts approximately 2 months. At the end of 2 months, the structure of the eyelash begins to become misshaped . So the perm process is repeated. In this way you can perm as much as you wish. Everybody can not apply the mascara whenever they want. In order to have natural long and curly eyelashes, you can make the eyelash perm.

Eyelash perm may be poor when you make your own. It must be made in the beauty salons. If you entrust yourself to one expert, you will be satisfied with the results. Women make some practices on their own in order to not to make some extra cost for beauty. One of them is dye hair process. Eyelash perm is not a so simple process. Because content of using substances is chemical, it can get in the eyes and causes vision loss.


Eyelash Perm Care

You should apply a little mascara. If you apply too much, your eyelashes begins to loss. So, mascara should be applied in a single layer and the effects of eyelash perm should be taken fully. Eyelash perm can be cause loss your own eyelashes. You must be conscious in the face of this situation. Some women do not want to made it to know that. However women who think that they have beautiful eyelash even 2 months, cannot care about this situation.

Whatever happens, it causes even a little loss of the eyelashes as it includes chemical substances. You must made eyelash perm by know this. Plump and voluminous lashes passes through a little bit genetic features.

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