How to Prevent Crow’s Foot

How does the crow’s foot occurs?

Chicken Claw problem; it is a skin problem that often occurs in older ages. Some people appear less, others appear more. This Crowfoot is related to the stress factors, lifestyles and their eating patterns.

The elderly people lose their skin thinning and elastic structure. As a result your skin becoming wrinkle. Women are worried aesthetically for this changes.

Main causes of crowfoot is mimic. After every mimic, our skin come to wrinkles. Of course, there are many reasons for the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes such as unhealthy diet, unbalanced diet, irregular sleeping process, alcohol, smoking continuously, not taking care for skin health and not providing skin moisturization.

Outsourcing factors can also be very effective for crowfoot. The most known of these factor is the sun rays. You should not go out Without using any protective cream or sunglasses. However, using chemical products on the skin, consuming unnatural ingredients as food or using it on our skin causes our skin to aged much earlier. And the eye wrinkles to occur sooner.


How to prevent crowfoot?

Olive oil: Contains antioxidants that prevent aging and crowfoot of the face. Please apply the natural olive oil to your undereye and massage your crowfoot. After half an hour, wash with warm water.

Apricot kernel oil: Used for the treatment of skin stains. It is also used for skin wrinkles. There are plenty of A vitamins in it. You can apply on your crowfoot with slowly touch (like Massage).

Wheat oil: Wheat oil, which contains a high amount of vitamin E. You can apply on your crowfoot with slowly touch (like Massage). After waiting for half an hour, you can wash with warm water.

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