How to Prevent Sagging Neck

How to Prevent Sagging Neck


Sagging neck; mostly seen in older age. But it can also be seen young people who have adopted an irregular lifestyle.

The main reason for the formation of sagging neck is posture disorders. Tilt the head forward, leans forward to sit in the sitting posture triggers sagging in the neck. For further neck sagging with the weight; you need to lose weight and change positions.

Neck wrinkles increase with sag. When the neck wrinkles, appear as horizontal lines, get together with sagging, it reveals a very bad image.


  1. Olive oil massage is fairly good for against the sagging neck. Used oil must be original. You should massage upwards with oil that you receive at your fingertips. The massage performing upwards and with slow movement, alleviates sagging after a while. Along with this massage begins erasure of wrinkles.
  2. After making olive oil massage against sagging in the neck, olive oil is cleaned with a towel napkin. 1 egg white is applied to the neck. Keep waiting for 20 minutes. Egg white, which makes the skin extremely strained, is good for neck sagging.
  3. Every day, when you go out, tanning cream should be used on the neck. Sun is the reason of spots and wrinkles occurred on the décolleté. You can prevent sagging and wrinkles by using tanning cream. Tanning cream is not used only to face. You should not go out without apply everywhere on the body that exposed to the sun.
  4. To be more effective that applied cream, you can wrap around your neck a towel, soaked in a hot water.


Neck sagging cannot occur spontaneously. There is certainly a reason for the occurrence. Sometimes, even at a very young women are seen to sag. If it is not because of overweight, even eaten foods triggers this case. You can prevent sagging slightly with a regular diet.

You can observe that the sagging improve day by day with a special move applying to neck region. In the women whose age appears quite large, surely there is a décolleté and neck problems. So, the care should be done regularly.

Neck and décolleté region, inform against the age too quickly. Wrinkles and sagging can tell how old a woman is. It is unnecessary go to the operating table for neck. It must first go to the natural solution.

Neck  improves somewhat with massage. In addition, to lie on your back, prevent neck wrinkles and sagging. It is observed that people whose wrinkles and sag are invisible, lie back. The used pillow is required to be soft texture. Wrong pillow choices also cause sagging.


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