Imex Acne Cream

Imex Acne Cream

Imex Acne Cream is a cream which has benefit for many users. You can find the details about the cream in this article.

Because of its content it can be used as ceruse for be white-skinned people. Imex cream contains tetracycline hydrochloride as active ingredient. The other ingredients are respectively white vaseline, brown iron oxide, mct (medium chain triglyceride), titanium oxide and red iron oxide.

Application of Imex Acne Cream

Imex Acne Cream is a highly effective cream for black spots and acnes.

  1. Before the application you should clean your skin.
  2. You can apply by slightly massaging to the area which has acnes.
  3. It can be applied twice (day and night).
  4. One of the beautiful of it is the usage as ceruse and close the ugly image on your face.
  5. Apply the Imex Acne Cream for 14 days continuously. Then have a break for 7 days. Afterwards turn to the first usage and use it for 14 days.
  6. You will get the result between 1-3 weeks.
  7. If you can’t get the result after the 2. period you should be advised by your doctor and be treated.

Use the Imex Acne Cream according to its receipt. And follow the instructions for dosage. Otherwise it can do more harm than good.

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