Methods for Growing the Nails Fast

Growing  the nails has been one of the beauty secrets and it gives an elegant look to the women. Although artificial nails seem to be easier to use, they are easily recognized and they can create problems while being used.

You can make your nails grow fast in a natural way by using some methods. With the recipe of growing the nail fast, you can have more powerful nails.

The Formulae for Growing the Nail Fast

When you rub down your nails with the rind of fruits like apple, banana or orange, your nails will grow fast. Rubbing down your nails for 2 minutes will be enough for you.

Growing the Nail via Lemon and Carbonate

  • 1 teaspoon of carbonate
  • 3 spoons of lemon squash

Mix the carbonate and the lemon squash. Apply it on your perionychium and wait for 3 minutes. Then wash your nails. This mixture will make your nails more powerful and prevent them from breaking.

How Do the Nails Grow Faster?

If you use the water all the time when you do housework, make sure that you dry your hands off well and you apply moisturising cream on them. The nail polish and the acetone make the nails dry and weak. You can have more healthy nails by using moisturising cream.

Make sure that you dry your hands off immediately after you wash them. Otherwise, your nails will get softer and will break. Do not touch directly to the cleaning supplies. You can use the glove in order to protect your hands and nails from  the chemicals.

The aceton makes the nail dry and thinner. Your aceton shouldn’t include alcohol and after you remove the nail polish you should clean your hands well with water.

When you apply the nail polish regularly, your nails can’t get enough air. Thus, your nails get an unhealthy and a matte look day by day. You shouldn’t use the nail polish at least 2 days a week so that your nails can breathe.

When you file the nails if you give them a round shape, they will grow faster. Every time you file your nails, you should do it towards the same direction.

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