Natural Care For Damaged Hair

Natural Care For Damaged Hair

 You can revive your hair by applying natural care. Hairs that get damaged because of wrong technics or external factors cause a squalid view. You can restore your hair with the hair care technics which are suggested by famous beauty expert, Sems Arslan. Dying your hair at home may damage your hair. You can add some olive oil to your hair dye to hinder the damage. Implementing care against heat hinders hair loss while drying your hair with warm air. You can cut your broken hair to cause a less damage to your hair.

Sems Arslan Hair Care

  • 7 soup spoons of water
  • 25gr food jelly
  • 1 soup spoon of hair conditioner

Mix all materials. Apply the mixture between your hair bottoms and hair endings. Warp your hair with strech film and wait for 30 minutes after covering all of your hair. Then,you can clean your hair.You can repeat that technic once a month.That care technic which is a kind of peeling will make your hair richer.

Natural Care For Damaged Hair

  • 1 coffee cup of olive oil
  • 2 soup spoons of jojoba oil

Mix all materials in a glass bowl and apply starting from your hair bottoms. Rub in the mixture to your hair using a comb. Clean your hair using warm water and shampoo after waiting about 2 hours. You can repeat this once a week.

Dry and Damaged Hair Care

  • 1 desert spoon of honey
  • 1 tea cup of olive oil
  • 1 avokado

Mash the avokado and mix with olive oil and honey. Apply the mask you prepared to your hair and brush your hair then. Clean your hair with warm water after waiting for half an hour. You can also use a banana if you can’t find avokado. It would be good for damaged hair if you apply it once a week.

Moistening The Damaged Hair

  • 2 soup spoons of mayonnaise
  • 1 soup spoon of almond oil

Mix almond oil and mayonnaise. Apply the mixture on your hair and wait for an hour. Then, clean your hair with warm water. You can use it twice a week. It will make your hair look healthier and cause the wetness it needs.


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