Natural Ways For Make-Up Cleaning


Women’s passion for make up  is very  broad. The women do make-up when going outside,at special occasions and even when they go to sports;  should clean their faces,  do skin care at the end of the day . Sleeping with makeup residues might damage your skin during night which are irrepairable. You can apply natural make-up remover lotions that we will give the recipe below.


Cosmetic Lotions

Cleaning lotions are mainly contain cosmetic chemicals. They clean residues of your make-up but may not suit skin all the time. Tonics contain alcohol; and at some women it causes skin allergies. So natural cleaning  methods should be applied.


Olive Oil Natural Makeup Remover

It is an application done with olive oil. You can remove your makeup with a cotton  and olive oil.. In particular, this method is very effective to clean the eye makeup; also good for your wrinkles. Olive oil has softener, cleaner and opener effects on wrinkles. As it removes the eye make-up; it nourishes the lashes.


Cucumber Makeup Remover Preparation

It is prepared with cucumber and milk. 1 cucumber is grated. Grated cucumber and half of the liter of milk; is put on the oven. The mix is heated slightly. This process continues for up to 10 minutes. The heated mixture should be filtered than poured into a bottle. Make it wait in the refrigrator. With the prepared mixture make-up is removed in a natural way. Expire time of this mixture is 4 days. For four days  tou can cleanse your face in a natural way. You can prepare it again when finished.


Makeup Cleansing Oil

Almond oil’s effect gives softness to skin. This oil is used similiar to olive oil is a very good cleanser . We recommend that you use plenty of on your face. It should be applied as a small amount on cotton to not cause grow hair on your face.


You can cleanse all kind of your makeup with a natural make-up remover. In particular, they are  ideal to clear waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras are cleaned faster with oil. Thus, you do not have to maltreat your eyes. Eye cleaning takes great care. By avoiding germs and sterilising environment; herbal oils ar pretty good.


Wrinkles occur later on people’s faces whom cleanse their make-up with anatural way. Herbal oils helps to correct wrinkles. It also prevents wrinkles before occur. So doing cleaning in a natural way; both cleanse and treat the skin. Other products are only just clean up make-up. Make-up cleansers thatt both cleansing and traeting as a cosmetic product do not exist.


Except oils mentioned; You must avoid removing your makeup using any oil. Other oils could cause effects such as dryness of eyes,  reddness of the skin. This is why using  soft textured oils are beneficial.

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