Slimming Face Makeup


Women do not have a slim face can have this appearance with makeup tricks. The impact of makeup is important on the face. If you complain about the round face, you can look at makeup techniques given below.

    Makeup to Slim Face

  • To slim your face; cheekbone must become visible. However, cheekbones of round faces cannot visible. Thus, enlighten is applied on cheekbones.
  • Apply shading under cheekbones with a dark foundation. It is important that highlight the upper region and hide sub region of cheekbones. Thus, upper region will be chubby and sub region of cheekbones will be slim. The important thing is to know how to shape your face with enlighten and shading.
  • To make your face look thinner; glances should be focused on lips. So, you should prefer attractive colors. For example, such as red lipsticks, shine lipsticks and light pink are leads to draw attention lips instead of cheekbones. Likewise, your eyes can be attractive. You should not feel chavette. You just hide contour process applied to cheeks.
  • After contour, you can apply blush. You should not apply blush on the enlighten part with one touch. Slimming face make up requires outwards motion. Round brush motions make your face look like more overweight. Thus you should apply blush outwards. The important thing is that hiding fat cheeks. While applying blush, you should apply backward of eye contour. It provides to make your face look thinner.
  • You can conceal undesired part of your face with shading techniques. Women whose cheekbones are not too visible can create a visible cheekbones by using enlighten and light foundation.
  • When you look at a woman face, most attractive parts are eyes and cheeks. Thus the cheeks needs to thinner by using some tricks. Color of applied blush is important. Terracotta blushes make your face look thinner. They provide slim face because of their shiny structures. Bronze shiny blushes will be ideal for your face.
  • Women who want to have slim face do not prefer thin eyebrow. Women’s faces that have thin eyebrow look rounder. Your face will look thinner with a normal eyebrow and right make up.

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