Soap Making at Home


Soap making at home: We highly appreciated pleasure soap design used by everyone at home. Soap making at home is quite simple. You will be eager to make when getting your hand in.

How to Make Soap at Home?

You can use laurel oil instead of olive oil. It has been mostly benefited of animal fat at soap making because of more foaming. However if you want to make natural soap, olive oil will be cut out for you.

  • Olive Oil
  • Oak Ash
  • Clay
  • Rock Salt

Firstly, boil the olive oil. Then mix rested water based clay and oak ash in a bowl. The mixture must be boiled and rested. All ingredients are mix till being like pudding and lastly added rock salt. The pieces rising to the surface are taken apart. It can be cut desired shapes after a few weeks. Thus, you can get your own natural soap.

Some people prefer using caustic instead of oak ash to make soap. But, oak ash is healthier.  Components inside caustic can be caused to get poisoned. So, you must make soap in the open area. If you have a garden, you should boiled ingredients there.

You can ensure more aromatic scent to your soap by adding different kind of oil while boiling the ingredients. You can add a few drop rose oil and lavender oil.

Some people mould the soap as liquid. So they get different aesthetic shapes of soaps.

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