What Causes a Swollen Tongue?

What Causes a Swollen Tongue ?

          Swollen tongue that signs a allergic symptom can foreshadow a disease. The most important disease indicated swollen tongue is tongue cancer. Infections that occur in the mouth can be cause swollen tongue.You should see a doctor immediately if your  swollen tongue is not get over in two days.

  Tongue Cancer 

Tongue cancer that can be causes even death when it is not diagnosed early manifest itself some situations such as numbness into the mouth, bleeding, pain, strawberry tongue, earache. Tongue cancer requires immediate medical attention due to its symptoms similar with other diseases.


The reaction of the body to allergic conditions, can be seen as tongue swelling. In addition to the tongue and throat swelling; coughing, sneezing, itching, redness and difficulty in breathing can be seen.


This virus infect by saliva is mostly transmit by kissing. This virus that creates sense of fatigue carried by infected person for the life and becomes active in some periods. Mononucleosis tongue swelling can leads to fatigue, fever and sore throat.


Glossitis which cause swollen tongue and sore throat an be occur because of mushroom, iron deficiency anemia, canker sore, tobacco, spices and hot foods. Color of tongue can change because of glossitis and can be seen difficulty in swallowing.

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