What Causes Warts?

What Causes Warts? 

Warts are infectious diseases. Benign warts look like little beauty spot. People who are using same stuff with someone carrying warts most likely infected warts. You should not use same stuff with people infected warts.

Where do Warts Grow? 

Warts can appear on any part of the body. The reason that  appearing usually on the hands is they are convenient to infect but warts can appear elsewhere. Different types of warts have different appearance. Warts also effect social life because they are infectious. It is known that warts on mucosa have cancer risk. If people who biting nail carry wart, their other part of body will probably infected wart more easily.

Length of treatment period shows difference according to area. The treatment of wart can be difficult in some area. For example; treatment of growing wart under the food is more difficult.

Genital warts can cause cervical cancer. Some kind of warts can cause uterine cancer. To infect the wart any kind of cut is enough. Risk of infection warts increases in case of decreased immune system. Some factors such as sleep disorders, anemia, malnutrition and stress increase infection and growing process of warts.

Wart Treatment 

Warts growing at genital area, anus and into mouth have risk of cancer. Warts growing these area should be treated pointblank.

Herbal Wart Treatment Methods
Natural Wart Treatment

Banana peel
Apple cider vinegar
Thyme oil
In the middle of the day, the area with warts is cleaned with apple cider vinegar. In the evening, Spread a little cinnamon between the banana peel and wrap it over the skin wart. In the morning, remove the banana shells and apply thyme oil on the wart.

Herbal Wart Treatment

2 pieces of lemon peel
Apple cider vinegar
1 spoon lemon oil
Put the lemon peel in a cup and add apple cider vinagar on this cup. After keeping the mixture in a cool place for 10 days, add lemon oil into it. And then apply this mixture on the wart 3 times a day.

Herbal Wart Treatment

1 garlic
Cabbage leaf
Put the garlic in to the cabbage leaf and wait for 3 hours on the wart area. You can repeat this every day.

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