Wrinkle Removing Mask Recipes


Herbal Solutions for wrinkles; to eliminate the wrinkles on your skin, creams or herbal recipes could be used on densely wrinkled areas. Depth of the wrinkles determine the vanishing time of the wrinkles. This time could change due to structure of the herbal products. Herbal wrinkle mask recipes;


Wrinkle Mask

  • Half  a tea glass of  flax-seed
  • 2 tea glasses of water

Boil the flax-seed with water. You can mash the flax-seed that is boiled. After mixture get warm, it is applied to face area, especially areas with the wrinkles. After mask sit on your face for 30 minutes it should be rinsed off. I could be used once a week.

Herbal Wrinkle Remover

  • 5 drops of almond oil
  • 3 slices of avocado

Put avocado in a blender, smooth it, add almond oil. The mixture you make is  beneficial for wrinkles around the eye. After applying around the eye, make it sit on for 5 minutes than wash. Almond oil can open up your wrinkles. With avocado, it moisturize your skin.

Wrinkle Mask with  Cucumber

  • 1 egg white
  • Olive oil
  • 1 cucumber

A cucumber is sliced finely without peeling. Egg white and a little olive oil is mixed. Cucumber slices are covered with this mixture. You can put cucumber slices anywhere you want and make them sit on your skin. After leaving 30 minutes on your skin you can throw away the used cucumber slices and wash your face. Egg white tighten up the skin, and olive oil moisturize and remove the wrinkles.


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